Moving a Mobile Home Within Unincorporated Pierce County

A mobile home placement or building permit must be acquired from the Pierce County Planning and Public Works Department at 2401 South 35th Street in Tacoma. Charges may vary depending on different factors, i.e., the home is single or double-wide or is being moved to a mobile home park.

Moving a mobile home within a city requires a city placement or building permit from your local city building department.

This placement or building permit must be taken to the Assessor-Treasurer's Office, along with a mobile home parcel number, the make, model, serial number, date of issue and the name of the transport company with accompanying Washington Utility Transportation Commission (WUTC) and Department of Transportation (DOT) numbers.

Certificate & Decal

When all current and delinquent taxes are paid, a tax certificate for mobile home movement together with a mobile home movement decal are issued. Moving a used mobile home without the tax certificate and decal is illegal and subject to a fine.

The mobile home movement decal is valid for 15 days from the date of issue. A new home does not require a tax certificate for mobile home movement or the mobile home movement decal at the time of purchase.

Moving Out of Pierce County or State

The following steps must be taken:
  • Moving to another county: All delinquent and current year, plus one-year advance taxes must be paid before moving.
  • Outside the state: All delinquent and current year taxes must be paid prior to moving.

Title Transfers

Mobile home title transfers are completed when the following steps are taken:
  • All delinquent and current tax must be paid in full at the assessor-treasurer's customer service counter.
  • A title eliminated mobile home cannot be moved until the title eliminated process is reversed and the home has a title. Once the title reversal has been completed, follow the steps previously listed.