Spanaway Lake Management District No. 1

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About the District

Spanaway Lake Management District No.1 (District) was created by the Pierce County Council in 2021 as a pilot program in response to concerns raised by lakefront property owners. Property owners whose land abuts Spanaway Lake, or who have rights to use the lake, approved formation of the district via a simple majority vote.

The Surface Water Management (SWM) Division of Pierce County Planning and Public Works manage the district. The goal is to work with lake users to improve water quality, manage nuisance and invasive species, restore habitat, educate the public about lake water quality and management activities, and monitor the 250-acre lake.

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Spanaway Lake Management District Citizen Advisory Board

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On Feb. 8, 2022, the Pierce County Council passed Resolution No. 2021-131 creating the Spanaway Lake Management District Citizen Advisory Board (Board). The purpose of the board is to represent the interests and concerns of lake residents and users as they relate to operations and management of the district. The board works with Pierce County SWM to make recommendations to the Pierce County Council regarding lake improvement and maintenance activities. Board members are appointed by the Pierce County Executive and confirmed by the Pierce County Council.

The seven-person board meets at least four times a year, provides an annual written report that identifies and proposes solutions to lake improvement and maintenance issues, and identifies the concerns of the public and district landowners. The board also reviews and comments on the annual lake management work plan drafted by Pierce County SWM for the Pierce County Council, and may assist with identifying funding sources for proposed activities and communicating with the public about planned activities or other concerns. Members generally serve four-year terms.  

Lake Management District Overview

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District Funding

Funding comes primarily from an annual charge assessed on all properties located within the district boundaries. The charge will raise between $50,000 and $100,000 annually during the pilot period (2021-26). The total charge per parcel is capped at $1,500 for private landowners. Pierce County Parks will pay a maximum of $19,160 annually for the Spanaway Park frontage.

Funds raised through the Lake Management District assessment charges will not be used to cover overhead costs associated with administration of the district by Pierce County staff. Staffing and administrative support will be funded through Surface Water Management Fees. 

The district is also eligible to pursue grants and other alternative funding sources, as well as partnerships with additional government or private entities to help achieve management goals.

Resource Library and Related Documents

Pierce County Council Legislation

  • Resolution R2021-57 – Notice of Council Intent to Form the District
  • Resolution R2021-94s – Submitting the Question of Creating the Spanaway Lake Management District to Affected Property Owners
  • Ordinance 2021-84 – Ordinance Forming the Spanaway Lake Management District No. 1, and Establishing a Hearing Process
  • Ordinance 2021-116 – Approving Rates and Charges Roll for Spanaway Lake Management District No. 1. 
  • Ordinance 2021-131 – Creating the Spanaway LMD Citizen Advisory Board and Adopting a New Chapter (2.41) of the Pierce County Code. 
  • Pierce County Code Chapter 2.41 - Spanaway lake Management District Advisory Board
  • Ordinance 2022-169 - Council Approval of the Lake Management District 2023 Workplan

Lake Studies and Planning

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