Title Elimination

About the Process

As of March 1, 1990, owners of manufactured / mobile homes have an option in the titling process of their home. Owners may eliminate the separate title and opt to record their home with their land as real property. This process is usually done for financial reasons. A mortgage company may require it.

To apply, the property owner must obtain a manufactured home application. Forms and instruction sheets are available in the Auditor's Office or any Department of Licensing substation.

The Assessor-Treasurer's Office must verify that taxes on the manufactured / mobile home are paid in full for the current year. A city or county building department must certify that the home is affixed to the land.

Title elimination forms must be notarized and/or certified at the county Auditor's Office. Filing and application fees, plus sales or use tax, may be collected by the auditor's office at the time the title elimination application is processed.

After the documentation is processed and recorded in the Auditor's Office, the Assessor-Treasurer's Office receives a copy and the tax rolls are updated to show that the title was eliminated on the home.