Eviction Updates


If you’ve received an eviction notice or a notice to vacate…

  • Stay in your unit and don't move out. Support is available for landlords and tenants if renters are still living in the unit.
  • Contact the Dispute Resolution Center immediately. You can reach an Eviction Resolution Specialist by phone or email: Eviction Resolution Program.  
  • You must respond to the notice and show up at your court hearing. A legal representative from Tacomaprobono’s Housing Justice Project will be at the court hearing to assist you with next steps. 
    • Under a new state law, if you are low-income and facing eviction, you are eligible for free attorney representation in your eviction case by the Housing Justice Project. Fill out a client intake form at the Housing Justice Project website.
  • You still must pay rent eventually. If you can afford your rent now, pay it. If you can't afford it, apply for rental assistance.
  • Communicate with your landlord, property manager, and utility companies.  Many have information for assistance.