Use Your Credit Card, Debit Card, or Electronic Check To Pay Your Property Taxes

To pay your property taxes with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or by debit or eCheck payment, use the online parcel search

You may also make a property tax payment from anywhere there's a telephone. To pay by telephone, call the Assessor-Treasurer's automated telephone system at (253) 798-3333, provide your parcel number and follow the voice instructions.

Once you've completed your payment process, you will be provided a confirmation number for your records, please note the Assessor-Treasurer's website may not reflect payment for up to three business days.

Verify Your Payment

You are encouraged to verify your transaction with your bank and/or your credit card company to ensure that a successful transaction has occurred prior to the statutory deadline. Failure of a payment to process, with or without confirmation, may result in the accrual of interest and possible penalty charges for late payment.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that there is an additional 2.35% fee charged when paying your property tax by credit card. The Assessor-Treasurer's office is prohibited by law from absorbing the fees charged for credit card transactions for property taxes and must contract with an outside vendor to provide this service. The fee is collected by the credit card processing company and NOT Pierce County.

Debit card payments can be made through the same vendor for $3.50 for each payment.

E-check payments can be made through the same vendor for $.50 for each payment.