Pierce County Professional Services Providers Roster

Professional services providers have the opportunity to be on a list of qualified professional services providers who will be matched with Pierce County businesses who need services such as bookkeeping, graphic design, web design, marketing, tax, and legal advice. Providers need to register with Pierce County and complete a bid process in order to participate as an approved provider. American Rescue Plan Act funding has been allocated by the Pierce County Council to support this program. 

Click here to go to the Pierce County Solicitation Portal to login, register your business and submit your bid. 

Assistance is Available:

If you need assistance please call us at (253) 798-6150 or send us an email. Spanish language assistance is available.


Q: Who can participate?

A: Pierce County businesses who offer professional services such as bookkeeping, graphic design, web design, marketing, tax, and legal advice. 

Q: How are providers matched with companies and requirements?

A: We are developing a system for review of the businesses. Once they apply for a professional services grant, we will review their application and then we will match those who are approved with a service provider in their area. Then they will be introduced and provide the service. Once that is done, we will be notified via a completed worksheet for the payment to happen.

Q: Is there a deadline for the program?

A: This is a continuous open program with funds available until 12/20/2023. 

Q: Are there any established fee schedules (i.e. min/max allowable hourly rate)?

A: No, we have no minimum or maximum. 

Q: Is the bid form available in different languages?

A: We have Spanish language assistance available at the Pierce County Economic Development office. If you need other language assistance please contact our office.

Q: Do you intend at any point to broaden the reach of business types that are eligible to participate in the program? 

A: We do not see that as a potential at this time because of the types of services that are being requested as areas of greatest need. However, you should still consider registering your business with Pierce County so you can keep apprised of other opportunities as they arise.

Q: Is hiring preference given to businesses in Pierce County?

A: The receiving business must be in Pierce County. It is preferable if the provider is located in Pierce County as well. 

Q: Can our business be matched with businesses of the same size?

A: Make a note when you submit the form so we can take that into consideration when matching your firm with a business. 

Webinar Presentation & Step-by-Step Guide

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Contact Information

Pierce County Economic Development

950 Pacific Ave. Suite 525, Tacoma WA 98402

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 253-798-6150