Airport Rates for 2022 & 2023

Effective January 1, 2022 and 2023, as adopted by the Pierce County Council (Ordinance No. 2021-103) Airport monthly hangar rates are as follows (plus a 12.84% Washington State Leasehold Tax which is not included below):

Airport2022 Rate2023 Rate
Pierce County Airport – Thun Field (PLU)

         T-hangar w/40’ door

        Existing condition$212.64$223.28
         T-hangar – Renovated$325.00$341.25
         Storage Rooms$78.75$82.69

Tacoma Narrows Airport (TIW)

         T-hangars w/40’ door$360.36           $378.38
         T-hangars w/office$412.74$433.38
         Corporate hangars 65’ X 65’$1,775.34$1,864.11
         Corporate hangars/office/bathroom$2,301.38$2,416.45
         Quad Hangars Building$402.86$423.01
         Stand Alone Hangars$662.55$695.68
         1712 Communal Hangar$259.76$272.75
         1724 Communal Hangar$303.69$318.88

Mutual Airports

Tie Downs, Regular$57.47$60.34
Tie Downs, Large$78.17$82.08
Transient Tie Downs, per night$5.25$5.25
Transient Hangar, per night$26.25$26.25
2022-2023 Pierce County Airport Rates

If you have any questions about your monthly billing, please contact Meagan Donathan at 253-798-3102.