Safe Routes to School - 104th Street East (CRP 5939)

What's Happening

Engineering: We completed the field survey for the project site and are currently developing right-of-way plans and preliminary construction plans for the project.

Land: Additional right-of-way needs are being assessed.

Environmental: Necessary environmental permits will be obtained.

Image of the project vicinity map.
Image of the project.

About the Project

Planned improvements to 104th Street East from Golden Given Road East to 16th Avenue East (CRP 5939) are intended to increase pedestrian accessibility and sidewalk connectivity, and include the following:

  • Adding cement concrete sidewalk with curb and gutter on the south side of 104th Street East.
  • Constructing curb ramps.
  • Adding pedestrian crosswalk markings, flashing pedestrian crossing beacon, and illumination at 16th Avenue East.
Image of the project typical roadway section.

Project Timeline

December 2021 to February 2022: Complete field surveys.

February 2022 to June 2023: Complete preliminary engineering and right-of-way plans.

June 2023 and Beyond: Right-of-way acquisition, environmental documentation, final plans, specifications, estimates, and construction (currently scheduled for 2025). 

Contact Us

Letticia M. Neal, P.E.
Transportation Improvement Section Manager
Phone: (253) 798-7041

2702 S 42nd Street, Suite 109
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