Horsehaven Creek Culvert at 188th Street East

Project Description

This project raised 188th Street East to accommodate the new box culvert (bridge) that has a 19.5-foot span and 8-foot in height. This project improved fish passage and addressed flooding issues on Horsehaven Creek, where it crosses under 188th Street East near Orting.

The new culvert meets current fish passage requirements and reduces the likelihood of the area experiencing water over the roadway.

The two existing 36-inch culvert were removed and replaced with a larger concrete structure and the roadway was repaved.

Construction was completed in fall 2022.


  • Preliminary design: 2019-2020
  • Design, construction easements and permitting: 2021
  • Project construction: Aug. 15 to Oct. 15, 2022


This construction project was completed by Rodarte Construction Inc. for the amount of $826,724.


Sarah Motsenbocker
Project Manager
(253) 798-3153
[email protected]


D231 Culverts wideD230 Culverts Wide



Project Location

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