C-PACER Program
Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy + Resiliency

C-PACER is an innovative financing mechanism to help commercial, industrial, agricultural, and multi-family buildings become more efficient and resilient. The C-PACER program allows owners and developers of eligible properties in Pierce County to obtain long-term financing, at a lower interest rate, for qualifying energy generation, energy efficiency, water conservation or resiliency projects.  Property owners who make improvements with C-PACER will build healthier and safer places to live, work, and play. 

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Using C-PACER, the projects below could be financed through an agreement between the property owner and a registered C-PACER lender. Pierce County Sustainable Resources division approves C-PACER applications.

  • Energy and water efficiency 
  • Electrification improvement (eliminates fossil fuel combustion) 
  • Renewable energy 
  • Electric vehicle charging 
  • Seismic hardening 
  • Fire detection and suppression 
  • Flood readiness 
  • Stormwater management 
  • Energy storage 

C-PACER Program Guidebook 

Adopting a C-PACER program was encouraged by EBE action 14 of the Sustainability 2030 Plan.

How C-PACER Financing Works

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