Chambers Creek Bridge Replacement


About the Project

The Chambers Creek Bridge serves as an essential roadway connection between the communities of Steilacoom and University Place. But after more than 70 years of use, the bridge shows signs of deterioration and impedes a regional project to restore salmon habitat. 

Pierce County Surface Water Management is now exploring bridge replacement options as part of a greater effort to restore the Chambers Bay Estuary. The Chambers Creek Dam, which sits downstream of the bridge, is problematic because it blocks critical fish passage. A separate planning process consisting of multiple partnerships is underway to explore the dam's removal, but the exisiting bridge must first be replaced with a structure that can withstand any new hydraulic conditions. 


Sean Goldsmith
Salmon Recovery Planner
(253) 798-2398

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2023 Status

Pierce County is finalizing a Type, Size and Location study. This analysis will outline bridge crossing alternatives and assess all potential impacts from removing and replacing the current structure. The County will have a completed Type, Size and Location Study by November 2023.

Chambers Bay Bridge

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Jointly owned and maintained by Pierce County and University Place, the Chambers Creek Bridge was built in 1946. It spans Chambers Creek on Chambers Creek Road connecting the communities of Steilacoom and University Place.

Chambers Creek Vicinity Map