Development Center Directory

General Questions

Subject Topics Phone
Information (Automated Line) Lobby hours and directions, general information (253) 798-7210
Permit Technician of the Day How to submit online, general development, application process  (253) 798-3739
Biologist of the Day Wetland, fish and wildlife, endangered species or trees (253) 798-7005
Civil Engineer of the Day Drainage, lot access, public roads, flood, culverts, gates, sewer hookup or capping (253) 798-7202
Fire Prevention Bureau Fire suppression, fire alarm, water for fire flow, emergency vehicle access (253) 798-7179
Health Department Drainfield, septic, drinking water, capping (253) 798-6500
Planner of the Day Land use applications under review, zoning info, business license, shorelines,
subdividing, setbacks, density
(253) 798-7200
Plans Examiner of the Day
International Building code, building inspection, stop work violations (253) 798-3152

Application Processing and Review

Development Center

Name Title Email Phone
Kevin Stender Development Center Manager [email protected] (253) 798-3713
Amy Wakefield Permit and Development Center Supervisor [email protected]

(253) 798-3160


Name Title Email Phone
Nick Waggood Building Official [email protected] (253) 798-6857
Tricia Bennon Asst. Building Official [email protected] (253) 798-7162
Jordan Neal Lead Plans Examiner [email protected] (253) 798-7159

Development Engineering

Name Title Email Phone
Brandon Smith Engineering Manager [email protected] (253) 798-3716
Jeff Roscoe Engineering Supervisor [email protected] (253) 798-2783
Rance Smith Engineering Supervisor [email protected] (253) 798-4114

Land Use & Environmental Review (Planning/Biology)

Name Title Email Phone
Sean Gaffney Planning Manager [email protected] (253) 798-2724
Rob Jenkins Current Planning Supervisor [email protected] (253) 798-7016
Dave Risvold Shoreline Supervisor [email protected] (253) 798-7036
Scott Sissons Wetlands & Fish and Wildlife Supervisor [email protected] (253) 798-2758

Floodplain Services

Name Title Email Phone
Helmut Schmidt Supervisor [email protected] (253) 798-6164
Dennis Dixon Civil Engineer [email protected] (253) 798-3696

Fire Prevention Bureau

Name Title Email Phone
Ken Rice Fire Marshal [email protected] (253) 798-2613

Tacoma Pierce County Health Department

Name Title Email Phone
Leigh McIntire Onsite Sewage & Water Resources Program Manager [email protected] (253) 584-6835
George Waun Water Resources Supervisor [email protected] (253) 377-5466



Name Title Email Phone
Don Hill Lead Building Inspector [email protected] (253) 798-2743


Name Title Email Phone
Mitch Brells Engineering Manager [email protected] (253) 798-3755
Scott Murdock Inspection Supervisor-Site Development [email protected] (253) 798-3756
Seth Schade Inspection Supervisor-Sewer [email protected] (253) 798-3035

Other Contacts

Code Enforcement

Name Title Email Phone
Yvonne Reed Lead Code Enforcement Officer [email protected] (253) 798-4122

Long Range Planning

Name Title Email Phone
Angie Silva Planning Manager [email protected] (253) 798-6268
Erika Rhett Supervisor [email protected] (253) 798-7596

Contact Long Range Planning for UGA amendment requests, code docket requests, Planning Commission and Land Use Advisory Commission questions, etc.