Posting Bail

The Bail Process

Once arrested, defendants may be booked into the Pierce County Jail pending disposition of their case. Many defendants are released from custody in exchange for bail. The amount of bail ordered by the judge depends on the seriousness of the crime, ties to the community, the likelihood of flight, and the defendant’s criminal history.
  • Cash Bond – A payment of the entire amount of the bail
    • Provided the defendant appears for all court hearings, the bail will be refunded at the conclusion of the case, regardless of whether the defendant was found guilty or not guilty.
  • Bail Bond – Requires the payment of a percentage of the bail amount to a bonding company, which will not be refunded
    • The bonding company then pays the remaining balance and is responsible for the entire bail amount should the defendant fail to appear for court. The bonding company may require collateral for the total amount being posted.