ARPA Sewer and Water Utility Infrastructure Grant Program FAQ

Grant awards now available

The Planning and Public Works Department received 28 total applications for the ARPA Sewer and Water Utilities Infrastructure Grant Program’s Partnership and Support programs.  Pierce County appreciates all the municipalities for their interest in the grant program and for their time and effort in preparing their applications. Visit the main grant program webpage for more details. 


What is the deadline?

All applications are due by 11:59 p.m. PDT on Friday, Aug. 26, 2022. The new deadline does not impact the grant eligibility and requirements. 

I submitted an application before July 29. Can I make some changes and resubmit the application for the same project?

Yes. Applicants who have already submitted their application(s) before July 29 and wish to make changes may email [email protected] and provide the project title of the application they wish to amend.

Can ARPA Grant funding be used for septic system inspections, repairs, or improvements?

No. Septic system inspections, repairs, or improvements are not eligible uses of ARPA funds. The ARPA Sewer and Water Utility Infrastructure Grant Program is intended to support sewer and water capital infrastructure improvement projects.  

Can an organization be awarded funds prior to the open application period closing? Can grant funds be dispersed up front?

No. Grant funding will not be approved or awarded before the open application period closes on Aug. 26, 2022. Applicants awarded grant funds must bill the County for cost reimbursement when project funds are expensed.

 Is an affordable housing organization eligible to apply for the ARPA Sewer and Water Utility Infrastructure Grant Program?

Affordable housing organizations cannot apply independently. The grant program, per Ordinance 2022-32, requires that housing organizations be tax exempt, Section 501(c)(3), and partner with a local jurisdiction. The eligible jurisdiction must be the primary applicant.  

Partnership Program

Can an eligible local or tribal government apply for the Partnership Program to improve or expand wastewater infrastructure owned and operated by the applying jurisdiction?

No. Eligible treatment works projects under the Partnership Program must be for the construction of County-owned sewer infrastructure. Local jurisdictions may apply to the Partnership Program to improve or expand wastewater infrastructure only if it is County-owned treatment works in Pierce County.

Do water system owners and operators have to partner with a local jurisdiction?

No. Drinking water system owners and operators can apply on their own. Projects must be by or for a local government, nonprofit, or co-op for the purpose of treatment, transmission and distribution, storage of drinking water, or new, additional, or alternative sources of drinking water. 

Support Program

Does the population maximum of 3,500 residents apply to all applicant types?

Yes. All eligible organizations must serve residents of a municipality with 3,500 or fewer residents. Eligible organizations include local governments and Group A water system owners and operators.