Buckley Forestland Forest Health Project

image of Buckley Forestland
About the Project

Prior to Parks ownership, the uplands of Buckley Forestland were rotationally clear-cut and densely planted with Douglas-fir. This resulted in thick, overstocked forest conditions that are at risk of decreased biodiversity, decreased ability to adapt to climate change, poor wildlife habitat, and increased risk for tree disease and mortality. 

Parks is working with forestry consultants to develop a Forest Management Plan designed to improve public access, forest health, wildlife habitat, and promote large tree growth for long-term carbon sequestration. 

The project includes a selective tree thinning in 2024 to reduce stand density and preserve the largest and healthiest trees.

Project Contact

Dee Dee Korsikas-Fogg, Natural Lands Forester
Ph: (253) 798-4083 | Cell: (253) 625-6672 | email