Frontier Park Arena Improvements

image of Frontier Park horse arena
Project Updates

In 2022, Pierce County worked with stakeholders representing organizations that regularly schedule events at the arena to design the new horse arena footing to accommodate a wide range of user groups. After the installation was complete, users informed the department the new footing was not performing as anticipated. To address the concerns and preferences of users, and in an abundance of caution, Pierce County made the necessary determination to close the arena until an update could be made. 

Since the arena closure in May, the County has worked with local technical experts to inspect and assess the arena. A solution has been identified that will further compact the base layer, add an additional layer, and replace the surface material. The goal is to better serve the widest range of the most common user groups. When construction is complete, the footings will be tested with equestrian experts to ensure functionality before reopening the arena. The horse arena remains closed until the project is completed and tested, which is scheduled to be the first week of July. 

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About the Project

Horse Arena Curbing & Footing Improvements

A study was commissioned in 2018 to quantify the level of effort and costs to construct a cover over the Frontier Park horse arena. In 2019, this study was amended to quantify the level of effort and costs to construct a partial cover over the Frontier Park horse arena. During the stakeholder outreach for the study, it was identified that the arena’s user groups felt that the footing and fence around the arena were in need of replacement. In 2020, Council issued a budget proviso to replace the existing footing, install underdrains, and replace the existing fence on a cast concrete curb. 

Project Contact

Sean Hanberg, Project Manager

253-798-4739  |  email