Parkland Community Trail Design

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Project Update

Construction is now planned for 2024 while our project team works to finalize the design and work with adjacent property owners. The design includes a connection from Tule Lake Road to the west end of 129th Street South. This connection will not be constructed with this phase of the project, as we continue to work with Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) to find a long-term solution that better serves PLU's campus, area schools, and neighborhoods. 

The trail connection through Sprinker Recreation Center (from 144th St. South to Military Rd) will be constructed as a part of the Sprinker Outdoor Improvement Project, scheduled to begin in 2023.

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About the Project

The Parkland Community trail will connect Parkland neighborhoods to five schools, three County Parks, and Pacific Lutheran University. The Parkland Community Trail will provide a safe route for people of all ages and abilities to get around in an area that currently has few sidewalks or bike lanes. 

The trail will be constructed from Tule Lake Road South, crossing Clover Creek at Parkland Prairie and heading south along 8th Avenue South and Yakima Avenue South through Sprinker Recreation Center to Military Road South (see proposed route map). The trail will be a 12-foot-wide asphalt surface largely within the existing County Roadway Right-of-Way with pedestrian crossing signals at Tule Lake Rd and 138th Street South.

The trail will connect the following schools and parks:

  • Washington High School
  • Keithley Middle School
  • Gates Alternative High School
  • Brookdale Elementary School
  • Mary's Academy
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • Parkland Prairie
  • Gonyea Playfield
  • Spanaway Regional Park (Sprinker Recreation Center, Bresemann Forest, and Spanaway Park)

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Project Resources
Project Contact

Brianne Blackburn, Trails Coordinator
(253) 798-4261 | email