File a Police Report

In an effort to help manage the number of in-person calls for service, and to minimize response times for our residents, we are working with South Sound 911 (SS911), our dispatch services provider, to direct some 911 callers (and non-emergency callers) to SS911's online reporting system.

We are asking residents and business owners to file reports online for crimes such as: vehicle prowls, theft, fraud, forgery, vandalism and lost property. You will still receive an official police report that can be used for insurance purposes. The information will also be available for review by the Sheriff’s Department regarding crime trends and serial crime.

Reporting these crimes online rather than in-person will free up our deputies to quickly respond to in-progress and/or violent crimes, and it will help lower response times for more serious offenses.

Online reporting is NOT available for:  

  • Violent Crimes
  • Domestic Violence (including DV property crimes)
  • Stolen Vehicles
  • Lost/Stolen License Plates
  • Lost/Stolen Guns

Please continue to call 911 for in-progress incidents or the non-emergency line (253-287-4455) to report the crimes above.

To file an online report for a NEW incident, please visit South Sound 911's Create A Report.

To file an online report to update a PREVIOUS incident report, please visit South Sound 911’s Supplemental Report.

Minor collisions, where the vehicles are not blocking traffic and there are no injuries, can also be reported online. First, try to exchange information with the other party, then visit the Washington State Patrol’s website.

Don’t have a computer? Smart phone compatibility issues? No problem. A deputy or a report taker will still be able to contact you if you’re not able to file a report online, but there may be a delayed response time.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to make operational adjustments in order to better allocate our limited resources and to better serve our community.