Parenting Plan/Child Support

To file a new Parenting Plan case, you will need bring the following items into the Clerk’s Office for processing...

  1. Completed documents listed in this checklist
  2. 2 sets of copies
  3. Copy of child/children’s birth certificate with both parents’ names listed or a copy of a signed parentage acknowledgement
  4. $260 cash, debit, money order or cashier’s check (fee waiver available upon request)

This type of court case is to establish a parenting plan and/or child support between unmarried parents.

Documents can be found by visiting Washington State Courts - Court Forms , Washington Law Help or purchased from the Law Library located on the 1st floor in the County-City building

For assistance with your paperwork you can call the Court Facilitators at (253)798-3627 between 8-9 am to make an appointment. A $20 fee is required for the 30 minute appointment