Payment Delinquencies and Lien Provisions

Current bills are due 25 days from the billing date. Late bills are due immediately. When payments are not received by the due date, such charges become delinquent and are subject to late penalties and interest. 

If the charges on a sewer bill are not paid when due, a one-time late payment penalty of 10% of the latest billed amount is added to the charges.

Additionally, interest is attached and accrued on unpaid charges computed at a rate of 8% per annum starting on the next day after the billing due date until paid. The interest shall be applied monthly on the entire unpaid balance, excluding any accrued interest, foreclosure costs, and all lien recording and release fees.


A lien may be recorded on any account with a balance or partial balance that is 60 days or more past due. A collection letter will be mailed to the property owner and a copy to the mortgage company regarding the delinquent lien amount.

The collection letter will include the amount of overdue charges and will explain that the customer must pay the charges in full to release the lien. The collection letter will also provide notice that under the Revised Code of Washington, Pierce County may bring a foreclosure action against the property 60 days after the attachment of the lien.

For more information, see Pierce County Code Title 13.13 and RCW 36.94.150.

Per PCC 13.13.045, Lien Provisions, a lien shall be foreclosed in the same manner as the foreclosure of real property tax liens. 

Visit the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer’s website for more information.

How do I get the lien released?

Liens are released when the account is paid to a zero balance. If paid with cash or cashier's check, the lien can be released immediately at the customer's request. Cash payments are only accepted at the Pierce County Finance Office at 950 Fawcett Ave., Suite 100, Tacoma, WA 98402. If payments are made by money order, check or online, the lien will release 30 days from the posting date. 


Pierce County may bring a foreclosure lawsuit against a property 60 days after a lien is recorded. All costs associated with the foreclosure are attached to the property.

Pierce County files two foreclosure lawsuits a year — in February and in August.

Prior to the filing, two pending foreclosure notices are sent to the property owner informing them of the dollar amount that must be paid to avoid the upcoming foreclosure action.   

All accounts subject to foreclosure are moved to a monthly bill cycle prior to the filing.

Once a foreclosure is initiated, additional charges are added throughout the nine-month process along with standard sewer charges, penalties and interest. To be dismissed from foreclosure, the account must be paid in full with certified funds.

For more information, see Pierce County Code Title 13.13 and RCW 36.94.150.

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