Neighborhood Entry Signs

What is the Neighborhood Entry Program

The Neighborhood Entry Sign program was developed to assist residents in enhancing traffic safety in their neighborhood by allowing residents to place and maintain County approved Neighborhood Entry Signs along County public roads. The program centers on local residential roads at entrances into a neighborhood from the arterial system or other key locations within the neighborhood. These signs are designed to help reinforce the maximum 25 MPH speed limit on local neighborhood roads.

Pierce County will work in partnership with representatives of residential neighborhoods in unincorporated areas on the importance of drivers controlling their speeds on local neighborhood roads.

Neighborhood Entry Sign Guidelines

Sign Location within County Road Right-of-Way

The installation of Neighborhood Entry Signs on County right-of-way shall be subject to approval by the County Engineer. The Neighborhood Entry Signs shall be placed on County Local Access roads only. The signs should be located away from existing traffic control signing, as far as practical from the edge of the traveled way. The signs should not detract from traffic control devices in the area. The sign should be placed so that it does not affect visibility an sight distance, particularly near intersections or driveways.

Sign Type

The sign type should conform to the standards set forth in Figure 1 or Figure 2. Use of a standard sign will help in providing better citizen recognition of the program as it is publicized and a uniform application throughout the County.

Sign Support

The sign should be mounted on a 4" x 4" cedar or treated wood post with a mounting height of 7 feet measured from the road elevation to the bottom of the sign. The post should be installed at least 30 inches into the ground.


All costs for sign, sign post, and labor to install and maintain the sign facility is borne by the individual or group of individuals proposing installation of the sign. There are private vendors capable of fabricating the sign that can outline the expected cost of manufacture. Pierce County does not participate in the cost of fabrication, installation or maintenance of the sign.

Cause for Removal

If at any time the Neighborhood Entry Sign is causing any potential visibility or safety problem, the sign will be removed by County forces and stored for retrieval by the owner at Pierce County Traffic Sewer and Traffic Operations Facility, 9200 122nd Street East, Puyallup, 98373, or returned to the owner. 

Application Process

To submit a Neighborhood Entry Sign application, please click here. The fabrication of the signs is outlined in Figure 1 or Figure 2. Since the County does not participate in the fabrication of the sign, the information on these figures would be useful when soliciting cost estimates from qualified traffic sign making companies. They can typically be found in the yellow pages under "Traffic Signs, Signals & Equipment" or with an internet search for "Traffic Sign Companies".

After your application has been reviewed, you will be notified by the email provided on the application as to whether your request for approval to install the sign has been granted.