Modification of Parenting Plan/Child Support

To file for a modification of your parenting plan and/or child support, you will need bring the following items into the Clerk’s Office for processing...

  1. Completed documents listed in this checklist (to modify child support only please refer to this checklist instead)
  2. 2 sets of copies
  3. $260 filing fee if you are filing a new case, or $56 filing fee if you already have an existing Pierce County case. Cash, debit, money order or cashier’s check are accepted as forms of payment (fee waiver available upon request)  

Documents can be found by visiting Washington State Courts - Court Forms , Washington Law Help or purchased from the Law Library located on the 1st floor in the County-City building

For assistance with your paperwork you can call the Court Facilitators at (253)798-3627 between 8-9 am to make an appointment. A $20 fee is required for the 30 minute appointment