Safe Parking
  What is Safe Parking?

Safe Parking is when a parking lot is utilized by a social service provider or religious organization to provide a safe and managed location for people experiencing homelessness to park their vehicle and sleep at night. The sites provide a greater level of safety and stability to vehicle residents through providing access to services. They also help protect the health, welfare and safety of the general public through regulations including requiring sanitation facilities, a code of conduct for people living in vehicles, and a site safety and security plan. In Pierce County, these sites also are not permitted to charge rent to vehicle residents.

Ordinance 2022-36  adopted interim regulations for safe parking facilities for people experiencing homelessness if hosted by religious organizations or as an accessory use to civic and commercial uses under a pilot program. 

This ordinance also directed Planning and Public Works (PPW) to provide a recommendation for permanent regulations and conduct an environmental review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The target date set for issuance of a SEPA determination and staff recommendation to the Planning Commission is October 11, 2022. Permanent regulations should be adopted prior to expiration of the interim regulations in December 2022.

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  What a Safe Parking site looks like
Organized and clean tent
Safe and clean parking lot
  What a Safe Parking site does not looks like
Homeless Encampment Tents
Homeless Encampment
Process for Adopting Safe Parking Ordinance
(Click Image to Enlarge) Safe Parking Public Comment Timeline
  What other resources are available to the homeless?

Pierce County Human Services Homeless Programs supports a coordinated entry system for families and individuals experiencing homelessness. Residents in need of housing services can contact 2-1-1 weekdays from 8AM-4PM for on-demand support or to schedule an appointment. 24-hour voicemail is available nights and weekends.

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Long Range Planning Manager

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