Community VIllage Model

Flyer1 Opens in new windowWhat is the Community Village Model?

Pierce County leaders are working to establish a planned community of microhomes, work opportunities, and onsite physical and mental health care, patterned after the stunningly successful CommunityFirst! Village near Austin, Texas. This new community would address the biggest challenge to homelessness in Pierce County: permanent housing for the chronically homeless. No homeless housing strategy is credible without addressing the chronically homeless. We are committed to creating housing for those who are the most challenging to permanently house successfully.

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Preliminary analysis indicates 10 or more microhomes per acre of 200-300 sq. ft.; along with auxiliary structures for showers, community gatherings and meals, and onsite health care and microeconomic opportunities; would accommodate approximately 200 living units on a 20 acre parcel. Proponents have been searching for property, particularly in incorporated Pierce County, and believe suitable property exists. 

Following a competitive process, the County contracted with The Rescue Mission to develop a feasibility study and develop a full proposal (by late September 2022), which is expected to include: 

  • A development plan that includes a timeline and costs for a minimum of 150 living units. 
  • Project location(s) and a plan to acquire such location(s). 
  • Land acquisition costs. 
  • Regulatory, zoning, and permitting requirements to effect development. 
  • An identified owner, operator-provider, and developer. 
  • Operating pro forma showing a credible plan to pay for operating costs, which may include letters of support from additional funders. 
  • A 7-year development plan for funding capital and operating expenses. 
  • A transportation plan for residents. 


The County set aside $22 million for its own CFV to help cover the costs of land acquisition, infrastructure, and pre-design, and assumes substantial private and other funding for the construction of microhomes and other structures. 


Pending an affirmative vote of the Council, a comprehensive engagement and outreach plan to residents and businesses in the selected County region will begin.


The following are key milestones in the process of establishing a CFV in Pierce County. 

  • December 2021
    Council approves $22M funding for CFV 
  • April 27, 2022
    The Rescue Mission selected to provide feasibility report and full proposal. 
  • June 31, 2022
    Feasibility Report completed. 
  • October 2022
    Full Proposal Due to County for Council funding approval.
  • 2023-24
    Permitting and Construction
  • July 1, 2024
    Occupancy of Completed Units