Pierce County Village

Project Overview

  1. Response to Council Resolution
  2. What is the Community Village Model?
  3. Proposed Community Village Report
  4. About the Village
  5. Feasibility Report
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

The Pierce County Council adopted the Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness (CPEH), which included establishing a Community First! Village (CFV) in Pierce County, and set aside $22M, conditioned on it reviewing and approving a proposal that identified the site, provider, and funding plan. Human Services issued a NOFA to interested providers and following a competitive process, The Rescue Mission (TRM) was selected to prepare the proposal. TRM submitted the detailed Pierce County Village Proposal (Proposal) in which it identified itself as the provider and the 85 acres off of Spanaway Loop Road as the location (the Site). TRM’s Proposal also described a detailed master plan to build 285 microhomes and support buildings and provided its projected operating and capital budgets and funding sources. 

After reviewing the Proposal, the Council by Resolution 2022-174 made additional requests for information of the Executive and TRM, principally regarding environmental issues related to the Site, TRM’s operations funding plan, and criteria for village residents and volunteers. The Council also asked that the village concept and several of the Council’s additional information requests be presented to the CPEH Advisory Board for its written feedback. 

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The following are key milestones in the process of establishing a CFV in Pierce County.

  • December 2021
    Council approves $22M funding for CFV 
  • April 27, 2022
    The Rescue Mission selected to provide feasibility report and full proposal. 
  • June 31, 2022
    Feasibility Report completed. 
  • February/March 2023
    Council expected to consider Resolution to approve.
  • 2023-24
    Permitting and Construction
  • July 1, 2024
    Occupancy of Completed Units

Project News and Updates

  1. Environmental Compliance Session
  2. Pierce County Village Open House
  3. Residential Use Code Updates

Proposed Location

The site for the village has approximately 27 buildable acres (of 85.73 acres total). It is located off Spanaway Loop Road with access from 176th Street. Along the northern boundary, there are approximately 15 residences and several wetlands; along the eastern boundary there is a vacant lot and Spanaway Loop Road; and along the southern and western boundaries is Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The site will accommodate 285 microhomes, support buildings, community gathering spaces, microenterprises, and necessary healthcare and case management services.



The County set aside $22 million for its own community village to help cover the costs of land acquisition, infrastructure, and pre-design, and assumes substantial private and other funding for the construction of microhomes and other structures. The final proposal will be submitted by Resolution for the approval and release of the $22 million set aside by the Council