1. Filing for Contempt Electronically
  2. Filing for Contempt In Person

To file for Contempt electronically through LINX please follow the steps below...

  1. Log into your LINX account
  2. Set a hearing by e-filing a "Note for Commissioners Calendar" and selecting an available date on the "Show Cause" calendar
  3. Fill out the "Motion for Contempt Hearing" and the "Order to Go to Court for Contempt Hearing" and include the hearing information from your "Note for Commissioners Calendar" on page 1 of the order
  4. Under "E-Filing" select " Ex-Parte via the Clerk" and follow the prompts
  5. Upload your "Order to Go to Court for Contempt Hearing" as a proposed order and your "Motion for Contempt Hearing" as a supplemental document and pay the $40 presentation fee
  6. Once your order(s) are submitted you will get an email notification letting you know either 
    1. Your order(s) were signed by the court, or...
    2. The court declined to sign your order(s) and instead signed an Order of Deficiency. If you receive an Order of Deficiency you will need to make the corrections, resubmit your order(s) and repay the $40 presentation fee

The checklist for additional Contempt information is available here

Documents can be found by visiting Washington State Courts - Court Forms , Washington Law Help or purchased from the Law Library located on the 1st floor in the County-City building

For assistance with your paperwork you can call the Court Facilitators at (253)798-3627 between 8-9 am to make an appointment. A $20 fee is required for the 30 minute appointment