Clear Creek Wheel Inn Mobile Home Park Acquisition

aerial of flooded areaAbout the Project

The Wheel Inn Mobile Home Park property is located on 31st Avenue East off State Route 167/River Road East and is within the project limits of the greater Clear Creek Floodplain Reconnection Project and is a part of the Clear Creek Strategy Plan.

The Wheel Inn Mobile Home Park property site has a primary home and 10 occupied mobile homes. With proximity to Puyallup River and Clear Creek, the existing property, house and mobile homes have been damaged by flooding repetitively.

To prevent future flood losses , Pierce County is working with the property owner, who approached the County about the possibility of acquiring the park, and the tenants on this acquisition project. Once the purchase and sale of the property and structures are finalized, Pierce County will remove and demolish the structures and clean up the site. As a result, this project will allow this 1.6-acre property to revert to a natural  floodplain and open space for floodplain storage, salmon and other wildlife.

Pierce County is committed to working with the tenants to ensure decent, safe, sanitary, and equitable housing for relocation, in accordance with the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Act requirements and rules. 

(Photo above: January 2009 Puyallup River flood event.)


Randy Brake
Project Manager
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Acquisition Project Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating future flood impacts and damages to residents and  their occupied homes.
  • Reduced expenditure of public taxpayer financial resources in response to flood event disasters and resulting damages.
  • Environmental benefits that address water quality and increase fish and wildlife habitat and wetlands.
  • Increased floodplain storage.

Learn more about our Property Acquisition Program.

Project Location

This area off State Route 167 has experienced extensive impacts from Clear Creek flooding. The Wheel Inn Mobile Home Park property is one of numerous other properties and houses impacted by repetitive flooding.

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