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Site safety requirements
  What health and safety protections will be in place for the neighborhood? 
1. There will be site requirements in place. 

  • Sites will be required to have facilities for water, sanitation, and trash disposal. 
  • Sites will be required to demonstrate they will properly dispose of waste, for example through contracting with a licensed company or providing a legal sewer connection. 
  • Sites must located be on existing parking lots; they cannot use grass fields or landscaped areas.
2. Not just anybody can host a Safe Parking. 

  • Safe Parking Hosts cannot charge rent and do not have an incentive other than charity to allow these on their property.
  • State law requires the County to allow religious organizations to host Safe Parking sites. Any non-religious host must be a credentialed social services provider.
  • The County Human Services Department will enter an agreement with every host and for each Safe Parking site and be able to monitor that they follow the rules.
3. Every vehicle resident must undergo a background check. 

  • Must include consulting Washington and Pierce County Sex Offender Registries. 
  • The Safe Parking Host shall prohibit any prospective resident with an active warrant for a violent offense and shall immediately contact the Pierce County Sheriff Office. 
  • Host must obtain verifiable identification information from all vehicle residents and maintain a log of this information.
4. Vehicle Residents must follow a code of conduct which includes: 

  • Site cleanliness.
  • Good neighbor practices.
  • Quiet hours.
  • Prohibition on open flames.
  • Prohibition on the public use of controlled substances and other illegal activity.
  • To abide by the site’s guest admittance policy.
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