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Site safety requirements
  What happens if Safe Parking Sites aren’t following the rules? 
1. If you notice an infraction at a Safe Parking site  

  • All sites will be required to post contact information for a Site Liaison to address neighbor concerns 
  • Sites with 10+ vehicles will also have an onsite coordinator
2. If Vehicle Residents are not following the site’s code of conduct  

  • Includes site cleanliness and prohibition on controlled substances 
  • Host will ask violators to leave the site 
  • Sheriff can be called
3. If the Safe Parking Host isn’t complying with requirements  

  • Host and property owner will be given a written warning, with a deadline to resolve issues 
  • If there is an immediate risk to public health, safety and welfare, no warning will be issued
4. If Safe Parking Host doesn’t resolve issues within specified deadline  

  • The agreement that allows the safe parking site can be terminated. 
  • Case will be referred to Code Enforcement or Sheriff’s department, depending on infraction
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