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Safety Requirements: What is changing?

Not Required
Sometimes Required

Existing Regulations
Proposed Ordinance
Public Notices Requirements
Host must hold meeting. No timeframe established. Notice of meeting provided to County 96 hours before meeting.  Host must hold public meeting 7 days before finalizing MOU. Notice mailed to surrounding property owners and posted 14 days before meeting. 
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Required for sites with 8+ passenger vehicles or 3+ Rvs Required for all sites regardless of number or vehicles

 Not established Inspection of outdoor and plainly visible areas permitted without notice
Duty to comply
 Not established Establishes that responsibility for any injuries, damage, or public nuisances shall be on the host and/or property owner. 
Termination of MOU
 Not established Establishes that Pierce County may terminate MOU for failure to comply. 
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