Chambers Creek Regional Park "Love Lock" Project

image of CCRP swoon art lock structure
Project Update

The Swoon interactive, public art structure is substantially complete with the foundations poured and metal "reeds" installed.  Swoon is now ready for 'love locks' to be added! 

In July 2023, the concrete ADA path to the art structure was completed.

When adding your lock to Swoon, please do not climb, hang from, or bend the metal reeds. Do not add string or other materials to the reeds. The County reserves the right to remove locks that make the artwork unsafe or cause damage to the artwork.

After adding your love lock, be sure to "throw away the key" in the permanent key receptacles next to the art structure.

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Swoon art
People putting locks on Swoon

About the Project

At Chambers Creek Regional Park, the public currently places locks onto the stainless-steel guardrail cables of the Chambers Creek Bridge. The locks damage the bridge in various ways, add significant weight to the cables, and at times create structural issues. A well-designed public art piece will be constructed near the bridge to provide a safe, fun, and interactive space for the public to place locks onto, while also helping preserve the integrity of the bridge’s structure. 

Scope of Work

Pierce County’s Arts Commission has selected a design for a public art piece at Chambers Creek Regional Park that compels people to place ‘Love Locks’ onto the art structure instead of the existing bridge cables. The design is reflective of the natural environment at Chambers Bay and the industrial history of the site. 

Location of Artwork:

The artwork will be located close to the entrance to the pier where it can be reached by an ADA accessible route. 

This project is funded by the Pierce County 1% or the Arts Program.

Pierce County Art Program

Pierce County's One Percent for the Arts ordinance directs publicly funded construction projects, with costs exceeding $100,000, to allocate one percent of the project budget for public art.
 This program supports our mission to increase access to the arts for all Pierce County residents through a lasting legacy of publicly held artwork located in county-owned or county-leased facilities.

 For more details about the Pierce County arts programs and services, click here.

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Project Contact

Kari Rinn, Economic Development Specialist - Arts
253-798-7365 | email