Affordable Housing Incentives
Pierce County offers financial and regulatory incentives to encourage the development of affordable housing for low-income families.
Affordable housing benefits individuals, families, businesses, and our community by:

Adding to the diversity of housing
Creating stability for individuals and families
Supporting local businesses, job creation and economic growth
Affordable housing incentives can benefit developers and builders through:

Reduced costs
A faster review process
Site design flexibility

The incentives apply to both multi-family and single-family housing projects within urban zones.

Pierce County allocates funding annually to fund the incentives in the order of request received. 
  Financial incentives

The project review is prioritized, with most projects receiving an initial review within 10 days.

Some or all of the project may be eligible for impact and development processing fee waivers. Traffic impact fees for multi-family housing projects, as an example, range from just over $1,000 per unit to just over $6,000 per unit in 2023. This incentive is subject to available funding.
  Regulatory incentives

This incentive provides an option in some of the zones to exceed the number of dwelling units typically allowed when designating some units as affordable housing.

Some or all of the project may be eligible for reduced standards related to height, parking, parks and open spaces, and lot area and width.
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Pierce County Code 18A.65


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