Uncontested Dissolution Proceedings FOR SELF-REPRESENTED

If your case is agreed by both petitioner and respondent or is a default (the other party has not responded), you are not required to wait for a trial date to finalize your dissolution. If you settle your case and the appropriate time requirements have been met, you may finalize your case on the uncontested dissolution docket. 

This docket is 9:00 AM every Friday that is not a holiday.  

Email [email protected] to schedule a hearing. 

It is your responsibility as the moving party to deliver proposed final orders to Family Court Services, CCB, Room 334, (in person or mail) no later than seven (7) court days before your uncontested dissolution is scheduled. Proposed orders should have every section complete and be signed and dated.  Missing, blank or incomplete forms will result in the hearing being cancelled or the dissolution denied. Emailed documents are not accepted.

You are to appear virtually by ZOOM or in person on your hearing date (link can be found. Commissioner Calendars by Division | Pierce County, WA - Official Website (piercecountywa.gov)).  ZOOM Link

The documents will be reviewed before the hearing date and the commissioner will first announce those cases where the dissolution has been granted. The remaining cases will continue with a hearing with the commissioner.  

The documents needed to finalize the divorce are different than the documents you filed to start your case. The titles of the documents are different and the document number in the footer is also different. The court does not review and sign any documents that have already been filed.

Family Court Services | 253.798.7702

It is your responsibility to complete every section in each document submitted to the court.

The following forms can be obtained at www.washingtonlawhelp.org , www.courts.wa.gov/forms/,  or the Pierce County Law Library.

For dissolution of marriage / legal separation:

  1. Interrogatories (Pierce County Superior Court webpage, https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/1036/Forms)
  2. Findings and Conclusions About a Marriage (FL Divorce 231)
  3. Final Divorce Order/Legal Separation Order (FL Divorce 241)
  4. Proof of Mailing or Hand Delivery (FL All Family 112) with supporting documents - unless Joinder is marked as no notice required, or a default has been granted or is being requested. 
  5. Motion and order for default (FL All Family 161 & 162), if a default is being requested.  

In addition, if there are children:

  1. Parenting Plan – Final (FL All Family 140) 
  2. Required Certificate of attendance at the Impact on Children Seminar - approved provider list for the Mandatory Parenting Seminar is available
  3. Residential Time Summary Report (FL Divorce 243)
  4. Order of Child Support (FL All Family 130)
  5. Child Support Worksheets (and recent paystubs and tax returns) (WSCSS – Schedule & Worksheets).  

State Benefits/Medical. If the parties have minor children who have ever received any state cash assistance or medical benefits/insurance, or are receiving it now, the Family Support Division of the Prosecutor’s Office must be given timely notice (20 days prior to entry of final court orders) of this hearing, along with your proposed final documents for them to review and approve. 

Timely notice is:  twenty (20) days prior to entry of a final court order. The Family Support Division is located at: 949 Court E, Tacoma, Washington, 98402. For questions call Joy at 253-798-6744 or Leah at 253-798-6742. You can also email the support order to [email protected]


If you want to schedule or reschedule the hearing. contact the clerk’s office by emailing  [email protected] - The requesting party needs to include their name and case number in the email and indicate that they are requesting an uncontested hearing date for after the completion of the 90-day period. This court date is to finalize your UNCONTESTED dissolution.  You will receive an email response from the clerk’s office notifying you of the hearing date.