Foothills Trail - East Puyallup Trailhead Expansion Project

image of Foothills Trail East Puyallup Trailhead
Project Update

The Foothills Trail - East Puyallup Trailhead is expanding!

Construction is underway for the expansion project. During construction the trail through the site will remain open but the parking lot and restroom will be closed.

Construction is expected to take 4-5 months to complete. We encourage trail users to utilize alternative trailheads along the Foothills Trail while this project is in progress.

Project update as of 9/22/23: Demolition is substantially complete and the contractor is importing fill material to set the subgrade elevations.

Installation of the stormwater system begins next week.  The system is designed to collect stormwater from the parking lot, filter it and then direct it to an underground vault.  From there it infiltrates into the local groundwater.

East Puyallup Trailhead construction update as of 9.22.23

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About the Project

Foothills Trail is a 21-mile non-motorized trail connecting the City of Puyallup, Orting, South Prairie and Buckley.  The East Puyallup Trailhead is a very popular spot for people to start their travel along the trail. However, the trailhead parking is inadequate for the number of people using the trailhead. This results in a large number of vehicles parking along the roadway shoulder and other areas.  

In January 2023, Parks cleared two County-owned properties east of the popular trailhead to begin expansion of the current parking lot. Construction begins September 5, 2023.

The trailhead expansion project will increase the parking lot from 26 stalls to 81 stalls, as well as provide Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. New lighting, signage, planting and drainage work, and ADA improvements will also be included in the expansion.

Project Contact

Jud Youell, Project Manager
253-798-4164 | email