Projects in Planning

The following projects are currently in the planning phase within unincorporated Pierce County. 

Puyallup River 

Ford Setback Levee Preservation - Capital Maintenance

  • Problem: Frequency and severity of flood damage to the levee.
  • Location: Electron (Upper Puyallup River)
  • Proposed solution: Improve structural integrity and reliability of the levee. 
  • Status: Alternative analysis and preliminary design 
  • Next steps: Select an alternative and complete design
  • Construction: Tentatively scheduled for 2026
  • Project webpage

Rainier Manor/Riverwalk/Rivergrove and SR-410 Flood Wall and Levee

  • Problem: Repetitive flooding of a 55-plus age group mobile home park, apartments, condos and State Route 410
  • Location: Sumner (Middle Puyallup River)
  • Proposed solution: Constructing a combination of setback levee and flood walls. 
  • Status: Finalizing feasibility study
  • Next steps: Begin scoping in 2024

White and Puyallup River Confluence Property Acquisition

  • Problem: This project has been proposed in the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and is exclusively for habitat enhancement.
  • Location: Sumner (Lower Puyallup River)
  • Proposed solution:  Land acquisition
  • Next steps: Waiting to know if this proposal is included in the final HCP 

Carbon River

Carbon River Setback Levee Left Bank near Bridge Street to upstream of Voights Creek

  • Problem: Repetitive flood damages to levee. Significant flood risk to the City of Orting and surrounding area.
  • Location: Orting
  • Proposed solution: Acquire properties and construct a setback levee.
  • Status: Feasibility is complete.  Unwilling property owners at this point in time.  
  • Next steps: Continue to work with property owners. Begin scoping a feasibility study for the adjacent upstream segment to identify alternative solutions.   

Upper Carbon/Fairfax Road Bank Stabilization

  • Problem: Repetitive flood damages to Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East/Carbon River Road due to Carbon River channel migration. 
  • Location: Carbonado
  • Proposed solution: No solution at this time.
  • Status: Currently no action. Project not included in the Habitat Conservation Plan.
  • Next steps: Develop project prospectus. Form project team. Develop scope, schedule and budget for project then conduct a feasibility study to identify practical alternative solutions. 
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