Single-Family Front-Loaded Review Program
If you are applying to build single-family homes in a subdivision, you can request to participate in the Single-Family Front-Loaded Review Program.

The program allows Pierce County to offer a consistent review timeframe. 
  Program Criteria
The following criteria must be met in order to participate. 

Base plan setup approved

Approval is required before the first building permit application is submitted.  

Final plat recorded

The final plat must be recorded for the phase proposed to be built. 

Infrastructure (roads, stormwater system, water system, etc.) completed.

Sewer/septic completed

The lots must be served by sewer or community drainfield. 

  Benefits for participants

Permits will be approved and issued within 7-10 business days once fees are paid.
  What Pierce County provides

  • A custom information packet with checklists, standard details, and lot requirements tailored to the plat.
  • A team of reviewers to monitor progress.
  Get Started

Submit the form below to indicate your interest in participating in the program. Pierce County will then contact you to discuss your project. 

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