All About Applications

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The application process for public grant funding is often more competitive and may require more documentation and a longer application process. Private grant funding may have a simpler application process, but may also be more selective in the organization they choose to fund. This may mean that they prioritize organizations by budget size (e.g., revenue less than $500,000), service area, target population, time since incorporation/501(c) status, etc.

On this webpage you'll find tips for successful applications and support on different application formats.

Application formats

There are almost as many different grant applications as there are funders. Even so, the following tabs are the main sections that are likely to be in most applications for grant funding.

The program summary or executive summary is the Cliffs Notes version of the entire proposal ranging in length from one paragraph to one page.   

Application Tips

The following tabs are additional tips for the overall application process that can help things run more smoothly.

It cannot be overstated how important this tip is because if your application is not read because it is deemed ineligible or unresponsive, there is 0% chance of being funded. Be sure to read the application instructions thoroughly to determine the deadline, the page, word, or character limits, what attachments are required, what signatures are required, what font size must be used, and what size margins and spacing are required.