Home Energy

Electrifying your home increases home performance and comfort while dramatically reducing carbon emissions.

increased performanceLower CostLower Co2Quality Air
Improved Comfort and Performance
Lower Cost
Lower Carbon Emissions
Better Air Quality
Electric appliances provide more control and precision and provide evenly distributed heating and cooling throughout the home. 
Heat pump space and water heaters are 3-5 times more efficient than gas or electric devices.
Space heating, cooling and water heating are a home's largest source of carbon emissions. Electric homes operate at a higher efficiency and do not burn fossil fuels. 
Eliminating on site fuel combustion avoids the dangerous by-products of gas combustion such as CO and NO2. Eliminating the fuel in our homes helps improve indoor and outdoor air quality.

the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides strategic incentives to make the transition to clean energy easy. Home energy offerings include upfront discounts, tax credits and low-cost financing. These incentives can support you swapping out your old, fossil-fueled appliances for new clean electric ones. Think about the car you drive, how you heat the air and water in your home, cook your food, dry your clothes and get your power; these are all items that individuals could find an incentive for regardless of income level. Work directly with your service provider to access available incentives and up to date information. 

Be sure to check in on incentives available for electric vehicles.Car.png

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Electrification Rebate Levels
For Qualified Electrification Projects

lncome Eligibility and % Costs Covered
Low-income: <80% Area Median Income 
(AMI) % costs covered (including installation) 
Moderate-income: 80-150% AMI 
% costs covered (including installation) 
Overall Incentives
Max consumer rebate$14,000
Max contractor rebate$500
Rebates for Qualified Electrification Projects
Heat pump$8,000
Heat pump water heater$1,750
Electric stove/cooktop$840
Heat pump clothes dryer$840
Breaker box$4,000
Electric wiring$2,500
insulation, air sealing, ventilation

25C Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit 
For Qualified Electrification Upgrades

Total Amount Credit$3,200
Heat pumps and HPWHs$2,000
Other upgrades$1,200
Annual Credit for Heat Pumps and HPWHs$2,000
Heat Pump$2,000
Annual Credit for Other Upgrades$1,200
Electrical panel$600
Energy Audit$150

25D Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit provides an uncapped 30 percent tax credit for rooftop solar, battery storage, and geothermal heating. IRS has also allowed 25D to be applied to an electrical panel upgrade as long as it is installed in conjunction with and enables another eligible energy installation. 


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