208th Street East Sewer Extension

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About the project

The 208th Street East Sewer Extension project is one of a series of sewer improvement projects that will provide increased access to sanitary sewer facilities for unsewered properties in the Spanaway basin.

The project includes the installation of a regional sanitary sewer pump station in the vicinity of the intersection of 208th Street East and state Route 7.

The project will construct approximately 4,600 linear feet of 18-inch sewer interceptor, a regional sewer pump station, and 2,200 linear feet of 12-inch force main to support approximately 450 acres of currently unsewered urban growth area. The system will also serve as the permanent point of connection for a future regional “Elk Plain” pump station.

Project status

Pierce County is working with property owners in the area to finalize the pump station site and force main location.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in summer 2024.


Sean Condon, PE
Project Engineer
[email protected]

Aaron Callanan, PE
Design Engineering Supervisor
[email protected]

Why this project matters

This project will bring sewer to a large portion of currently unsewered urban growth area south of 204th Street East. It will also provide a regional sewer pump station in an area necessary to serve the sewer basin.

The project supports the Pierce County Centers and Corridors Initiative, which promotes compact communities around major roadways and supporting economic development and surrounding residential areas. The project also supports development and service goals in the:

Project location

The sewer pipes will be installed along 208th Street East between 22nd Avenue East and SR 7 to a new regional sanitary sewer pump station in the vicinity of the intersection of 208th Street East and SR 7. 

From there, a pressure sewer force main will extend northward along SR 7, through the Mountain Terrace Estates tract, eastward along 204th Street East, then northward along Hidden Village Drive to the last manhole installed as part of the B Street Interceptor Phase 3 project.

  1. Timeline
  2. Funding


  • 2020 – 2021: Project development and initiation
  • 2021 – 2022: Preliminary design phase          
  • 2022 – 2023: Final design and permitting
  • 2024 – 2025: Construction

Project impacts


Pierce County will maintain existing sewer connections and make connections to the new interceptor where applicable. Pierce County will maintain service in the area without interruption by bypassing existing sewer flows.

Privately owned property in County right-of-way 

The construction contractor will need to make use of the County right-of-way to install the sewer line. Property owners may need to remove privately owned items within the right-of-way that they wish to salvage prior to construction.

Pierce County Sewer Easements through Mountain Terrace Estates 

208th-St-Extension-map-Mt-Terrace Opens in new windowThis project will also require the County to make use of existing sewer easements through private properties, including through Mountain Terrace Estates off of 204th Street East.

As part of this project, the contractor will install a new sewer main in the vicinity of the existing sewer pipe through the Mountain Terrace Estates neighborhood. The new pipe will be installed on 11th Avenue Court East, 205th Street East and 11th Avenue East (see map to the right).

The existing sewer infrastructure, including pipes, manholes, and side sewer connections in Mountain Terrace Estates will not be impacted. Additionally, we do not anticipate any disruptions to sewer service in the area during this work.

During construction, the contractor will be required to maintain access to all properties for residents and emergency vehicles at all times.  Any areas disturbed by the sewer construction activities will be restored in kind.