Nature Programs

Learn about nature and explore the outdoors through a variety of nature-based programs and opportunities for youth, adults, and families.  Our nature-based programs are designed to engage participants in hands-on learning in outdoor habitats. Join our staff for these fun and exciting programs and explore nature in the Pacific Northwest!

Nature Programs at Meridian Habitat Park

For:  Ages 7-16

Each nature based program will have activities and hands-on experiments. We'll maybe even squeeze in some nature fun facts too as we explore why it's so important to appreciate all of the nature the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Monthly Activities:

  • August 12 - Mountain Day: What’s covered in trees, snow, and stares at you year-round? Mt. Rainier of course! Come and celebrate Mountain Day (the actual holiday is Aug. 11) with us at Meridian Habitat Park exploring how a 14,411-foot-tall mound of rock came to be in our backyard! We’ll be playing games, getting our hands dirty, and discovering some of what makes the Cascades and Mt. Rainier so absolutely awesome!   
  • September 28 - Alternate Energy:  Batteries, Solar, and Wind, Oh my! We know we need power for just about everything these days, but the way we get that power is changing, and fast! Spend some of your day with us exploring and experimenting with how each plays a role today and in the future!
  • November 14 -National Recycling Day: Recycled materials have a place in almost everything now, but how does the water bottle in your recycling bin at home become the pencil case on your desk? Or how do the old tires on your car become the base on turf fields? Let's find out together! Come out and play games, do experiments, and create projects that show us how old can become new again!
  • December 21 - Solstice Celebration: Enjoy a night hike around our new loop trail, play games, create projects and fun experiments, then head inside for snacks while learning about the shortest day of the year and what kind of plants and animals thrive during the Winter Solstice.

Our nature based programs require pre-registration. Select the class number below to register online.

Class Ages Dates Day Time Location Fee Register by
18626 - Mountain Day 7-16 August 12 Sat 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Meridian Habitat Park $9.95 Aug. 10
18694 - Alternate Energy 7-16 September 28 Thur 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Meridian Habitat Park $9.95 Sept. 26
18695 - National Recycling Day 7-16 November 14 Tues 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Meridian Habitat Park $9.95 Nov. 9
18696 - Solstice Celebration 7-16 December 21 Thur 5:00-7:00 pm Meridian Habitat Park $9.95 Dec. 19

NEW - WTA Hiking Basics

Washington Trails Association (WTA) will be hosting a FREE Hiking Basics workshop on how to have a safe and enjoyable hike. Included in the workshop is hiking safety, how to pack, tips to stay dry, how to maximize fun, and family adventures. This workshop will also incorporate how to utilize WTA's free resources to help plan a hike.

This workshop is free for all ages. Pre-registration is required. Select the class number below to register online.

CourseAges Dates DayTimeLocationRegister  by
18499All AgesSept. 9, 2023Sat11:00 am -1 2:00 pmMeridian Habitat ParkSept. 6
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Nature Programs Location:

Meridian Habitat Park
14422 Meridian E
Puyallup, WA 98375 (map)

Nature Programs Contact:

Eric Miller
Recreation Coordinator
(253) 798-4144 | email