Youth Point-In-Time Count

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The youth count helps us better understand why youth and young adults experience homelessness.

What is the YPIT?

Pierce County conducted the first Homeless Youth Point-in-Time (YPIT) count in October 2022 to get a better understanding of our housing unstable youth population. The YPIT is not a requirement, but we will continue to do it annually. The data we collect will be used to assess need and request funding that would greatly enhance our Homeless Response System.

Who participates in the YPIT?

The YPIT was conducted with the help of community partners including the Youth Advisory Board (YAB), Continuum of Care (CoC), REACH Center and the Director of the Campaign to End Homelessness, Rodney Robinson.

What are the differences between the regular PIT Count and the YPIT?

Youth and young adults who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness are counted during the YPIT, while adults who are currently experiencing homelessness are counted during the regular PIT. During the YPIT, youth and young adults aged 13-24 are counted. The adult PIT only counts adults 18+ years old. 

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