Pierce County Justice Center

Converting the County-City Building to a Justice Center

On September 27, 2023, Pierce County announced the sales closure of an office building located at 1501 Market St. in Tacoma. The building purchase is the next step in the County’s Justice Center and Space Planning Study, an initiative to combine justice-related programs into one campus to improve service delivery and public access.

The 149,330-square-foot office building and adjacent parking lot located at 1502 Market St. was previously owned by Regence BlueShield. Built in 1992, this is one of the more modern and well-maintained buildings in Downtown Tacoma. The agreed-to purchase price was $27,271,000.

The purchase of the building allows for the County-City Building (CCB) to become a dedicated Justice Center for the growing needs of judicial and law enforcement operations for both the County and City of Tacoma. County administrative departments and Council would be relocated to the purchased building. Additionally, this purchase allows for consolidation of County-leased spaces and maximize County-owned space utilization, a cost savings for taxpayers.

At the direction of the County Executive, Pierce County’s Facilities Management Department completed a Justice Center and Space Planning Study in 2022 which analyzed the expected 20-year needs for justice-related services. The study recommended the County convert the County-City Building (CCB) into a comprehensive Justice Center A single building for law and justice programs allows for more space and efficiencies for courtroom functions, improves customer service, and realizes a significant cost savings for the County as compared with new construction. 

The 64-year-old CCB, Pierce County’s main headquarters, has exhausted all available space through renovations and expansions to accommodate increased court-related operations over the years. 

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Contact Information

Karl Imlig
Director of Facilities Management 
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Proposed Plan

Move non-justice center functions out of the County-City Building to 1501 Market Street Building

  • Council
  • Executive
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Risk Management
  • Economic Development
  • Facilities
  • Human Resources
  • Additional departments

Make improvements to the County-City Building to function as a Justice Center

  • Courtrooms on 7th Floor
  • Prosecuting Attorney Space on 10th Floor
  • First floor- Jury, Clerk, or similar (TBD)
  • Other Potential Improvements
    • Department of Assigned Counsel
    • Prosecuting Attorney - Family Support

Proposed Plan Schedule

  • May 2023

    Council Process 
     - Submit Ordinance & Resolutions - 5/4
     - Final Hearing/Action - 5/30
  • June 2023
    Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • June - September 2023
    Space planning for building
    Define CCB Projects
  • September 2023
    Due Diligence Period
    Bond Pricing and Closing
  • October 2023
    Closing of the sale
  • 2025
    Occupy the 1501 Building

Proposed Building for Administrative Functions

Purchase Price

The purchase price of the building was $27,271,000.


Approved by County Council, the building purchase was funded through a $50 million bond sale. New operational costs are covered by lease payment savings.

Preferred Plan

This plan saves $30M to $70M over constructing a new building, and speeds up the first phase of Justice Center improvements by 5 years. The plan does not require a tax increase, or reduction of existing services.

Proposed Location and Features

The Regence Building is located at 1501 Market Street in Tacoma. The property also includes the surface parking lot located at 1502 Market Street. 

  • 149,330 Square Feet
  • 5 Stories
  • 180 Parking Stalls
  • New Roof, HVAC, and Elevator systems

Building1Photo of the 1501 Building from the surface parking lot.

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