Spanaway Boathouse

image of the boathouse at Spanaway Park

Spanaway Boathouse Closed for Fall and Winter Seasons 

We hope you had an amazing summer experience with our watercraft rentals at Spanaway Park. As the summer season comes to an end, the Boathouse at Spanaway Park is now closed. However, we are already looking forward to seeing you again next summer! 

The Spanaway Boathouse is located on the southwest part of beautiful Spanaway Park which is a 135-acre site that includes two swimming beaches, picnic areas and covered shelters, paved trails, an athletic field, a boat ramp, and water access to Spanaway Lake. The boathouse is open during the summer months and offers an upper balcony for a relaxing view of the lake and lake activities. Non-motorized watercrafts are also available to rent for some summer fun on the lake.

Boathouse Hours:

The boathouse is open in the summer months from 10 AM - 6 PM during the following dates:

  • May 27-June 25, 2023 - Saturdays and Sundays
  • June 30-September 4, 2023 - Fridays through Sundays
  • (253) 531-0555 (weekends only late May through early September)

Watercraft Rentals:

Add some extra fun and adventure to your time at Spanaway Park this summer by renting one of these non-motorized watercrafts:

  • $12/hour - Rowboats. Rental includes oars, life jackets*, and safety equipment. The rowboats can easily accommodate up to 3 people (maximum of 400 lbs.)
  • $12/hour - Paddleboats. Rental includes a two-seat paddleboat (holds up to 2 people), life jackets*, and safety equipment.
  • $12/hour - Canoes. Rental includes one canoe that holds 1-4 people (maximum of 525 lbs.), oars, life jackets*, and safety equipment.
  • $3 park entrance fee is not included with the watercraft rental

Watercrafts can be reserved online or in person. Reserving online is encouraged to ensure availability.  When purchasing an online reservation, please select the boat type and then the date. If a time frame does not appear on the rental purchasing site, that time has been reserved. Guests will be asked to show a printed rental receipt or one loaded on a mobile phone. The QR code will be scanned upon arrival at the boathouse. Online non-motorized boat rental transactions have a 24-hour cancellation in advance option.

All rates are subject to change. Online reservations are subject to a convenience fee. All watercraft are subject to availability.

*Children under 30 pounds must bring their own life jacket that has been fitted by the parent/guardian.

If booking a watercraft in person at the park, credit card and cash transactions may be completed at the park entry booth after checking availability at the boathouse.  We reserve the right to cancel all watercraft rentals in the event of inclement weather.

Rental Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid photo ID
  • Maximum of two watercraft can be rented by an adult (ages 18 and older)
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation time.

Passenger Requirements:

  • A waiver is required for all passengers to operate a watercraft.
  • Youth ages 12 and under must have an adult (ages 18 and older) on board during the rental.
  • Youth ages 13-17 may operate a watercraft without an adult after an adult completes a waiver form.

Watercraft Rules & Expectations:

  • Life jackets must be worn and buckled at all times. 
    • Children under 30 pounds must bring their own life jacket that has been fitted by the parent/guardian.
  • A person age 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian age 18 and older in the watercraft or in an adjacent watercraft (maximum of two watercraft per adult).
  • Remain in watercraft; no jumping or diving in the water allowed.
  • Please refrain from splashing other passengers.
  • Do not collide with other watercrafts, the shoreline, or docks.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed in a watercraft.
  • No one under the influence will be allowed to rent.
  • No pets are allowed in watercraft except for service animals that are clearly labeled.
  • No gas motors are allowed in watercraft.
  • No towing other watercraft or being towed by other watercraft.
  • No docking or getting in or out of watercraft anywhere other than the rental dock.
  • Do not take the watercraft into the swimming areas.
  • No glass containers of any kind are allowed in the watercraft.
  • All damages and any injuries must be reported immediately to the boathouse.
  • Any misuse of the watercraft by the renter or their guests will cause a suspension or revocation of privileges. The Renter assumes full responsibility for the watercraft issued to them and will pay for any damages caused by themselves or their guests.
  • Pierce County Parks is not responsible for the loss of personal items.
  • Lockers are available in the boathouse. Renters and guests must bring their own locks for the lockers. Boathouse staff are not allowed to hold onto personal items for security reasons. 
  • Pierce County Parks is not responsible for lost valuables and personal items. 
  • In the event of thunder or lightning, guests must return to the boathouse and seek shelter immediately.


Spanaway Boathouse  (253) 531-0555
Spanaway Park
14904 Gus G. Bresemann Road S.
Spanaway, WA 98387 (map)