Climate Vulnerability Assessment

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Pierce County has received a state Department of Commerce grant to perform a Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment to support ongoing resiliency efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events on our communities and natural systems. This work will inform the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan periodic review and update.

You can read the full Climate Vulnerability Assessment here. 

County Staff will be presenting on the findings of the Climate Vulnerability Assessment and potential adaptation strategies to integrate into the 2024 Comprehensive Plan update to the Community Development Committee on Monday July 17th and to the Planning Commission on Tuesday, July 25th

Members of the public are invited to listen to the briefing and discussion. No decisions are being made during these briefings, so there will not be an opportunity to provide public comment. 

You can learn and get involved in a number of ways:  
  Learn more about...

what climate change means for Pierce County.

 Learn more about...

how climate change impacts our communities and what you can do to make your neighborhood more resilient.

 Learn more about...

how climate change impacts our water and how you can prepare for increasing hazards including floods and drought. 

  Learn more about...

how climate change will impact plants and animals in Pierce County and what you can do to be a better steward for your community! 

 Next engagement period

In Winter 2023-2024 Pierce County will be hosting a comment period on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Comprehensive Plan amendments, which will include input from the Climate Vulnerability Assessment. 

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Email [email protected] to request a presentation for your community organization on how Pierce County is addressing climate resiliency in the Comprehensive Plan.