Budget Priorities Survey

Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier is preparing the 2024-25 biennial budget proposal for submission to the County Council for consideration in September. Similar to many other counties in Washington State, Pierce County’s costs are increasing faster than its revenues. The County projects it will need to reduce its planned general fund spending by $20 million each year – roughly 5% of the general fund budget – to maintain financial stability and avoid substantial cuts or tax increases in future years.

Given this reality, County leaders will face some difficult decisions in balancing the budget. To balance the budget in a way that speaks to the needs of the community, the Executive and County Council want to hear from you about your priorities and needs now and into the future.

Explore this online open house by moving through each station below to learn more about the budgeting process and contribute your feedback by clicking on the button “provide feedback” which will take you to an external survey.

Budget Community Engagement Survey Results

Pierce County partnered with a communications firm to run an online open house and gather community input on budget priorities using a multi-language survey. This initiative took place from mid-May to late June 2023 and was promoted through various channels, including the County Website, Community Navigators, Printed Flyers, Council Listservs, Board and Commission Listservs, an Executive Blog, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and NextDoor. 

In the survey, 2,577 individuals in Pierce County participated, primarily targeting those in unincorporated areas. Over 75% of responses came from these regions. In terms of racial and ethnic demographics, 83% identified as White, 6.9% as Two or More Races, and approximately 10% fell into various other categories, including 4% Hispanic or Latino, 2% Black or African American, and 1.7% Asian.

Pierce County Overview

As a resident of Pierce County, you are one of 946K people, and live in the second largest county in Washington. You may be one of the 47.1% who live in rural Pierce County or the 52.9% of Pierce County residents live in cities and towns. 

From our world-class healthcare to our school districts and transportation, learn why Pierce County is a great place to live. Our unique combination of urban and rural areas create the perfect place to call home.

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Biennial Budget Overview

  1. Overview
  2. Main Budget Areas
  3. Fund Types
  4. Budget Process
Biennial Budget Overview

Pierce County operates on a biennial budget – proposing and adopting a two-year budget which is monitored and adjusted, as needed, throughout the biennium. The budget includes funding for all the services the County provides and aligns with the County’s mission of building strong communities. The General Fund is the primary County operating fund that accounts for all general government revenues and spending, except those required to be accounted for in another fund type. The General Fund is also the primary fund that will be reduced in the upcoming biennial budget.

Scroll down to learn more about how the budget is organized by fund and strategic priority. Click the strategic priority headings on the left to learn more about what types of services the County’s budget funds.


Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional information about the 2022-2023 Adopted Biennial Budget, and links to Open Budget and Open Pierce County for the most up-to-date information.