Classification and Compensation


Pierce County’s goal is to attract and retain talented and diverse employees, both today and into the future. We do this through a classification and compensation system that is: 

  • Competitive 
  • Equitable 
  • Transparent 
  • Sustainable 

Our philosophy is to ensure our pay ranges are market competitive. We annually compare our positions to similar positions in other public, nonprofit, and private organizations using valid salary survey sources. Market rate compensation is defined as 95% - 105% of the market average. All of this is subject to collective bargaining for represented employees.  

In addition to market competitiveness, we aim for a compensation structure that is equitable across the organization. This means that classifications county-wide with similar responsibilities, working conditions, and minimum qualifications should be aligned where possible.

We strive to build trust and understanding through clear and timely communication about compensation. Employees and prospective candidates should have access to information about salary ranges, pay guidelines, and general wage increases. We encourage open lines of dialogue about how and why compensation decisions are made. 

Our compensation structure must support long-term financial stability for county employees and residents. This means we consider long-term revenue and expenditure forecasts when considering overall compensation levels. 

Information Links

Forms for Managers and Supervisors

Request for New Position or Position Conversion 
Use this form to request a new position or position conversion. Supporting information will need to be provided, including the funding source. 

Hiring Exception Request
Use this form to request a compensation exception when filling a position:

  1. Entry salary above Step 6 (or above midpoint)
  2. Accelerated vacation accrual
  3. Paid administrative days
  4. Paid relocation expenses
  5. Promotion increase above 5% 

Request for Out of Class Pre-Approval
Use this form to request a temporary assignment (longer than two consecutive pay cycles) for a qualified employee to perform duties at a higher classification level and be appropriately compensated.

Other Organizational Requests
Use this form to capture any other request (not listed above) your department needs to submit to Class & Comp. 

Employee Request Forms

Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)
Use this form to request a reclassification review if you believe you may be performing duties outside of your current classification. We recommend that you meet with your supervisor as soon as you believe you are being assigned work not covered by your current classification.

Class and Comp Updates:

*This site is continuing to be developed. Be on the lookout for updates as they come.*

Team Members

Carrie Frohlich
Classification and Compensation Manager

Amber Burch
Classification and Compensation Analyst

Cassius Johnson
Classification and Compensation Analyst

Lauren Caldera
Classification and Compensation Analyst