South Hill Governance Study

  Governance Study Purpose

In 2023, Pierce County began a study with support of consultants to look at the fiscal effects of South Hill as a stand-alone city or an area of annexation. This is an informational study only. 

A proposal to incorporate a new city cannot be filed or approved by a county government, state agency or the Legislature. It must be initiated by the petition of one or more resident voters and must be voted upon by the residents of the area proposed for incorporation.

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Annexation may occur many ways, whether by voter referendum, petition or ordinance by the County Council and the applicable city council. No matter the method, residents, property owners, members of the public, and other stakeholders will have opportunities for participation and involvement as part of any annexation proposal.

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  Comment Period

Pierce County has released a draft version of the South Hill Governance Study. The study looks at what would happen if the South Hill area became a new city or was annexed into the City of Puyallup.

Pierce County is releasing this study to provide a preview of the findings and receive feedback on the content. Please find the preliminary report and an option to submit comments on the project below. Please provide comment by October 8th. 

South Hill Governance Study Timeline

Key Elements of Study:

This is an Informational study only. The study will not recommend, nor will it initiate an incorporation or annexation. 

Look at key factors that the Pierce County Boundary Review Board would consider in affirming, altering, or rejecting a proposed incorporation or annexation.
Analyze existing date and consider community effects on incorporation or annexation such as:
> Local tax base effects
> Infrastructure effects
> Public service effects


For incorporation, the study will make assumptions on future City operations by reviewing comparable cities and provide information for decisions regarding:
>Form of government
>Tax structure
>Departments to create
  Potential Annexation Areas

The study covers the South Hill Incorporation Area as identified in the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan. 

South Hill Governance Study Map

Legislative Meetings

August 22nd 
Puyallup City Council

September 11th
 South Hill Advisory Commission

October 2nd
 County Council

October 18th
Planning Commission

December 4th
South Hill Advisory Commission

December 4th
County Council

Puyallup City Council
if requested