PRIA Local

With so many changes happening in the property records industry, there is a continuing need for everyone to work together on a local level. PRIA Local was created so that property records professionals could collaborate to create greater efficiencies and ensure high levels of service in their local markets.   You don’t have to be a PRIA member to participate in PRIA Local.  PRIA Local chapters help those involved in the recording of public records build industry relationships, solve their business issues, and learn about new laws, technologies and processes that apply to the property records industry in their region.

Our goal is to have quarterly meetings.  To suggest a future meeting topic or to be added to the list, please email to [email protected] with “PRIA Local Topic” in the subject line. 

Want to start your own PRIA Local chapter?

Each PRIA Local chapter needs one government member, one PRIA member and one business member.  Find more info here PRIA Local | Property Records Industry Association

Want to join PRIA?

Find more information here Join | Property Records Industry Association (

PRIA Local Meetings