Council Proclamations

The Pierce County Council amended Chapter 1.28 of the Pierce County Code, "Rules of Procedure - Pierce County Council." at its June 6, 2023, Pierce County Council meeting. The amendment included changes to the way the Pierce County Council processes proclamations to align with the same process for recognition. This removes the need for the formal adoption of a resolution for a proclamation,  

This change makes sure proclamations are more in line with a ceremonial event or celebration by the legislative body of Pierce County Government to publicly recognize and honor monumental events, causes, and groups/persons. 

Upcoming proclamations are posted the Wednesday before the next Council meeting for public view. 


To request a proclamation, please visit: You can also request a proclamation through your Pierce County Councilmember. 

You can find a district map and contact information for councilmembers at:

Please note that not all proclamation requests will be fulfilled. In those instances, a councilmember can explore another form of recognition, such as a certificate of appreciation, achievement, or other special recognition. 

current year proclamation photos


Proclamation from Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.