Vision Mission Values

A career with Pierce County is an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day. Each employee plays a role in supporting a livable Pierce County where people choose to live, work, play, and are proud to call home. Whether you are serving our great community by providing public resource maintenance, social services, administrative support, legal advocacy, or protecting our community, you are joining a team aimed at working together to achieve a thriving Pierce County.


Pierce County seeks to deliver work experiences that are holistic, realistic, and diverse, with the goal of building bridges to future careers.


Our mission is to invest in the future workforce by creating pipelines of highly qualified and diverse candidates. The internship program supports this mission by providing opportunities for people to explore career pathways while they grow their knowledge of local government. Interns will gain knowledge, skills, and a professional network through collaboration and mentorship that will help as they navigate their future careers.


  • Innovation – Thinking outside the box; trying better ways to accomplish a goal.
  • Integrity – Open, ethical, honest, and fair in all we do; our words and deeds align.
  • Public Service – Providing excellent customer service and acting as good stewards of public resources.
  • Respect – Showing regard and consideration for someone’s rights and personal experiences, as well as a variety of cultures and lifestyles. 
  • Teamwork – Cooperative efforts with a focus on inner-county collaboration and cross divisional teams, as well as rich partnerships with community organizations and networks.